Global Missions – Land on a Hill

Missions, Argentina, Pastor Cristian Rizzo has a district of 11 churches and small groups, having to attend to more than 1,500 members. However, with a group of missionary leaders, they saw the need to open a new Church in a neighborhood that was still under construction. The pastor encouraged them with the project and they began to pray so that their dreams would become a reality.

After weeks of prayer, someone donated a piece of land on a hill next to the neighborhood where they were looking to open the new church. Happy with the response from the Divine they began to raise the funds necessary to begin the construction. And in His time, the same God who put in the hearts of a group of leaders, the desire to open a new Church opened the doors so that his name be exalted.

As part of the sowing stage they began to have classes of vegetarian food, week of health, classes about stress and others.

Finally they had a week of evangelism with the goal of planting and securing a new Church in the Cámpora neighborhood in the vicinity of Alem. Each night in a building that is not yet completed 100-120 people meet together and more than 40 people are visitors. Pastor Alejandro Dovald preached about the importance of having our names written in the book of life, in a series titled “Write your name”. At the end of the week 8 people were baptized and another 6 people are preparing for the next baptism.

Today, we have a new Church that shines with the truth of Christ!!! Finally the Church was built and every Sabbath almost 100 people meet together and glorify the Creator.

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