Momentum: A Life Change by Pastor Gerizin De Pena

On Saturday October 10, 2010 we began 3 small group evangelistic meetings in Mattawa Spanish Church member’s homes. An average of 5 visitors went to each group meeting. On Saturday October 15, we continued the evangelistic meetings “A Life Change” in the Mattawa Public Elementary School Gym. The first night the Lord blessed with 18 visitors and the second night we had 24 visitors and every evening afterwards the Lord continued to add new visitors. By God’s grace over 45 visitors heard God word preached (by Pastor Gerizin De Pena) for the next 8 nights. We would reward visitors with “gift boxes” of food which where donated by the Grandview Adventist Food Bank (which have been donating 10 bags of food weekly to the Mattawa Spanish church members for the past few years). We would also reward visitors with cds and books. Since 100% of the congregation was Mexican, special music was held by different artist and groups (including Mariachi, Pablo Uzua, Cantando por amor Trio). We had Dominican Pastor, Angel Rijo, whom dedicated his yearly vacation time to come and help during this week of evangelism. He visited, gave Bible studies, prayed, baptized, and also sang special music. We felt that the Lord had specialy chosen him for this time of evangelism. By God’s grace 9 people gave their lives to Christ.

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