Momentum: Cosmic Conflict by Wayne Kablanow

I preached a series of  18 evangelistic messages at the West Plains Community SDA Church from April 16 through May 8, 2010 entitled Cosmic Conflict.  I love to preach evangelistic sermons.  It’s when I’m able to present the Three Angels Messages in the fullest way.  Every time I do it, I challenge myself to present the Third Angel’s Message as Justification by Faith in Verity.  It is my purpose to teach the true righteousness by faith message and show how Satan has tried to corrupt that message as is described in Bible prophecy.  I endeavor to put Jesus and His love at the heart of every presentation. 

There has been an older couple attending various SDA churches in the area for many years, but they had never taken a stand for baptism.  When I became West Plain’s pastor I discovered they had been attending the West Plains Church for the last couple of years.  Just before this evangelistic series started, they became offended by a well intending member and decided that they weren’t going to return to our church.  So I gave them a call and invited them to my series of meetings.  They agreed to come to the meetings, but said that they wouldn’t come to church there. 

They attended regularly every night.  I wondered what they would do the last two Sabbaths of the meetings, because the Sabbath morning sermons were scheduled to be part of the evangelistic series.  I was delighted when they attended both Sabbaths.  I was also delighted to note their positive decisions they registered on the decision cards I handed out from time to time. 

To make a long story short, they were both baptized and were extremely happy with their decision.  A couple of months later the husband was diagnosed with liver cancer and died a few weeks after that.  During that illness, I visited him and each time he expressed his gratitude that I baptized him.  I truly believe he was ready to close his life with Jesus.  His widow continues to be a faithful member of our church.  There were a total of 3 baptized and 2 re-baptized as a result of that series of meetings.

I have preached three evangelistic reaping campaigns over the last two years.  As of yet, I have not asked for any equipment assistance.  However, my computer is getting old, very slow, and I’ve run out of hard disk storage.  I need a new computer to keep pushing forward with my evangelistic work.  Thank you for considering this request!

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