Global Missions – Engineers Without Borders in Honduras

Walla Walla University’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders (EWB-WWU) has completed phase one of their Hope for Honduras project, designing and overseeing the building of five classrooms at the elementary school in the village of Luis Garcia. Over spring break representatives of the group are visiting the school grounds to do an assessment of phase two of the project.

Three faculty and three students are in Honduras assessing the drainage issues on the campus. Currently, sewage runoff from the surrounding community flows through the school grounds, and the school’s own latrine system is not adequate for the 300-500 students who will be using it. The group from WWU will be working to determine drainage needs, latrine usage, and what type of sewage system will be best for the school.

“We will have an education meeting with the locals,” says Curt Nelson, professor of engineering and faculty sponsor of EWB-WW. “We need to learn from the community members what kind of latrine they want and what system they will know how to use. We need to ensure we solve the entire problem, not just part of it.”

Nelson also hopes to be able to continue researching the effect of their project on the local community. The classrooms built in 2010 allowed 250 additional students to attend school, and Nelson wants to know how far-reaching that change was.

“In that area, young women frequently drop out of school and start families,” he explains. “I want to know if more of READ MORE

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