Momentum: Recommitment by John Clark

This was the first series of live meetings at the Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church since anyone can remember. They did a couple of video series over the last 10 years but it has been many years since a baptism. There are many reasons for this. The church almost closed a little over a year ago due to conflict but survived. This gave the church a recommitment to evangelism. First in January the church held a “10 days of prayer” to start the new year and during this time they created a list of people to pray for and invite to any meetings the church held. They then agreed to meet weekly to pray for evangelism and the Lord’s guidance. They then sent a Project Steps to Christ mailing to the whole city. From this they received 2 bible study requests. The requests didn’t continue very long. Finally they tried to do a Crown Financial Seminar but no one registered. It was advertised in the paper and personal invitations were sent but there was no interest. This almost brought everything to an end but I was able to convince the church that it had been a long time since a series was done and they agreed to move forward. We held a Share Him series from October 8 until October 30 with 19 meetings planned but when we had no guests left it was decided to shorten the series to 17 meetings. I was the presenter for the series.

We started off with 2 guests and one non-attending member plus the four regular attendees at the meetings. The two guests only came once but the one non-attending member came several times before leaving on vacation. We then received another visitor for two nights but she was under pressure from her spouse not to become Adventist so stopped attending. There is still a personal relationship with her and one of the members. We then had family visit one of the members from out of town and they attended 3 meetings. They had children of age who weren’t baptized so hopefully seeds were planted. In the end we had no visitors left so we dropped out a couple of meetings.

We had no baptisms or professions of faith and we have no strong leads. The church was depressed there were no baptisms but I reminded them there are more than one reason to hold meetings. Some plant, some water and some harvest. This was our time to plant seeds and to do some watering. Also several members said they had a much better understanding of our beliefs than they had before. It has also given one of our members a new determination to try to teach her friends who she has a non-denominational Bible study with. It will be interesting to see where God takes us next. All in all I don’t think the meetings were a failure God just had different plans than we did.

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