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One thing is clear: someone is guilty. Little girls don’t end up duct-taped and garbage-bagged in the woods all by themselves.

Collective public outrage has been building in the hours since the “not guilty” verdicts left the American public speechless. Casey Anthony’s parents have already received death threats, perhaps from indignant people who struggle to find a more suitable outlet for venting frustration over the fact that whoever did this will likely never answer have to answer for it—at least not in the world’s courts.

To be perfectly frank, I struggled with the verdict myself. As the father of young girls, my paternal blood almost boils over when I hear about people mistreating children. And the fact that the person thought to be the likely perpetrator (or perhaps one of them) is going to walk out of prison a free woman is hard to take. Many who followed the case probably found themselves muttering, “She just looked so . . . guilty. Her stories didn’t add up.” The explanations offered by the defense left many wondering about both a mother’s guilt and the state of jurisprudence in the United States.

This verdict rattles what little faith many of us had left in READ MORE.

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