Momentum: Seeds of Truth

The Coeur d’Alene Seventh-day Adventist Church intentionally plans many community events throughout the year that draw visitors into fellowship. Their October evangelistic series recently drew up to 400 guests from the community, partly from the newspaper advertising, partly word of mouth, partly from response to Positive Life Radio, partly from relationships, partly from Pathfinders, partly from a Heritage Singer who blessed the meetings, and partly from the testimony of a former member of the Greek Orthodox Church (which is an ancient branch of the Roman Catholic Church).

One of guests attending the series was a Roman Catholic lady who has connections with the Seventh-day Adventist Church. She came as a result of the tie she has with her Adventist relatives, what she had heard about the Mark of the Beasts and she was curious to see what the former Greek Orthodox member would say about her church. Upon attending, the lady did find things she agreed with and things she thought were untrue. She subsequently took the time to write a long letter to our church pastor stating where she believed the speaker was in error and what she believed to be true about the Roman Catholic Church. Her parting comment was that she thought “the former Greek Orthodox made a strong case for why he made the change to become a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church” and she said, “I’m thinking about that.” Here is a person who is seeking truth! After reading her letter, the pastor made it a point to visit this lady and they are developing a dialogue as they seek to know the truths about the Bible.

Seeds of truth grow with constant attention. Recently, a couple attended church who first came to meetings NINE YEARS AGO when our pastor and evangelist Richard Halversen teamed up for a series of meetings. Since then there had been many visits, others meetings and visits. The Holy Spirit kept working on their hearts, touching them in ways beyond what we as humans can do and in the New Year, their desire was to return to the church where the first seeds of truth were planted. The pastor is planning to baptize them in the near future.

Stories like this inspire us; motivate us to be constant as we seek to love people to God. Who knows whether the prayers we pray—or the prayers you pray—may be part of God’s plan to reach others years after the first seeds of truth were first sewn. It’s awesome how God works!

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