Momentum: God’s Truth

People believe that there might be a better way to spend all the money being used for our evangelistic meetings. Do they still work? We had five baptisms at the end of our meetings. Five people who have left their old lives to start new ones. People who never heard Biblical truth before and now are worshiping with us every week in our church. As a pastor and as a worker for God, we must never give up on working and spending money for the people God has paid an infinite price for. Some churches have given up because of poor results. There are always results when the truth is spoken. We don’t always see the fruit of our labor. Five were baptized, but I believe more people will be brought into the kingdom because they heard the gospel and will follow later, and these five could bring others into the church. We don’t know where the seeds have been sown. Many came to the meetings and left, but I believe the Holy Spirit will continue to work on these hearts.

God’s message still changes lives. I can see it in the eyes that come to our meetings. Eyes that first were curious but cautious turn to eyes of wonder and joy. God can still change hearts, and we are witnesses to the miracle of what God can do for every soul that believes. The Holy Spirit inspires men and woman, but it takes a church family to do the work that God asks us to do. Our church family has welcomed our new members into our fold. It is the Spirit to bring people in, it is the pastor that speaks for Him, and the church family that keeps the people in the church. We all have a part to play, and we are grateful that we can be used in accordance to God’s will. Evangelism is how our church was built, and till the Lord comes lets continue to present God’s truth to the world, and the gates of Hades will not be able to stand against us!

Danny Kim – Associate Pastor of the Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Community Church

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