Momentum: Soil Preparation by Félix Maijub

Each Evangelistic meeting has its own challenges.  This one in turn, was no exception.  The last few months of 2010 had passed with the usual holiday celebrations.  The cold winter weather in January was immediate.  The expectations were not very optimistic.  We had a new leadership team at the Granger Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church due to the recent nominations.  Some of the new leaders were not the most experienced and it added some pressure to the team.  But there was a difference; the church had begun to pray at 7:00 in the morning and others prayed at 7:00 in the evening for the power of the Holy Spirit.  The first night of the meetings had arrived.  They had distributed the flyers and knocked on doors.  Everything was ready and the room was beautifully decorated.  You could feel the anticipation and little by little the visitors began to arrive accompanied by the members who had invited them.

We couldn’t hide our joy, the church was completely full, thank the Lord.  We were witnessing one of the most blessed meetings in our church.  The teachers, in turn, received the children in a room especially prepared for them.  There was joy and the Word of God was preached with power.  We all learned a great lesson: “It is not by might nor by power, but by My spirit saith the Lord”.  On more than one occasion I thought, how different would our meetings be if we just stopped and looked more for the power of God! 

7 precious souls gave their lives to God through holy baptism.  This was our first meeting this year which is part of the soil preparation stage.  It was a wonderful experience and I pray that God will raise new Elijah, Elisha, Moses and Huldahs among us and that the gospel be spread “like fire in stubble”.  I want to be one of them, how about you?  Get encouraged!  The best times of our church are in the future, this is a promise.  Let us prepare ourselves to see the glory if God.

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