Changed Lives – Clear and Full of Hope

My name is Alexander. I am just like any other man, who runs out of faith and stops believing in God. My life has been , for a lack of a better word, self destructive. Life isn’t what I hoped it too be, so I was angry at everybody, especially myself. All my mistakes eventually, landed me in jail. To a man like me, prison is like the jungle where you are a hunter or prey. As I did my time, I started to realize that my life was worthless. The harm I’ve done to my family and parents of people I’ve hurt, have made me an outcast that deserves no one’s love. With time and money I obtained my freedom and returned to my house.

The following day my wife told me about the problems she had to face on her own. I felt like the Samaritan woman who felt rejected by all. My mother and my sister showed up. I was telling them how fed up I was of not having anything to believe in. I explained how life was meaningless without a light to guide me through the darkness and that God must give me a purpose. At the climax of my plea Ricardo Castro shows up out of nowhere. I was frozen on the spot. He had visited me once before and I had not seen him since.

I asked him “why are you here?”

He replied “I was on my way to another place, but for some reason I felt the urge to visit you.” This is what I had been waiting for the response to that hollow cry. I knew in my heart that our Lord had sent him. I told Ricardo that I am an imperfect lump of clay that has no shape or form, but if he’s willing to put the time and effort. that lump of clay can be transformed into a tool that may be put to use by our Father.

Since that day my life has changed. I no longer am a friend of drugs or violence, I am now a friend of knowledge and wisdom . The thirst of belonging is gone and my soul is now full, the darkness is now light and I walk hand and hand with my brothers knowing well that we walk over the dragons, like pastor Chazarreta explained at the Revelation Seminars at the Sunnyside Spanish SDA Church from November 26- December 4, 2011.

By God’s grace many of my doubts and questions where answered. On December 3, 2011 I was baptized by Pastor Gerizin De Pena. Now as I look forward with hope, I plan on getting my GED and becoming an instrument of the Lord to help others discover what I have discovered of a life away from violence, drugs and emptiness.

I used to feel like an eagle that thought it was a chicken, but now I feel like I was created to soar. When Jesus truly touches your life everything becomes clear and full of hope.

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