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Many people say that evangelism doesn’t work anymore, especially in small churches. The reality is that it doesn’t work if you don’t do it right. You have to connect with your community and get your members involved. Furthermore evangelism isn’t only about the community but can have a big impact on your local members. Each time I am involved in a series I learn something and so do those who attend. The Townsend SDA church in Montana is a small church but from day one they have had an evangelism mindset. Everything they do is to reach people with the gospel either by word or in action. Evangelism is a constant focus of prayer.

In the past they have had the conference hold Share Him seminars, they have held Revelation Seminars but the pastor had not held a series. This year in January we decided I would hold a Share Him series. Before that happened though we started praying. We got involved in the community serving at the local food bank. We got involved with the City wide Christmas Stroll and had over 200 people walk through our door. We were able to visit and hand out literature. We also had people fill out cards for a drawing giving us contact names.

On opening night we had 15 people about double our normal attendance. Seeds were planted we pray they will germinate. We also had one member decide to be rebaptized and we were just able to celebrate that rebaptism. We also had 2 great grandchildren of a member decide for baptism and we are hoping to work that date out real soon.

Townsend also got involved with the Prophecies Decoded seminar. They haven’t seen any fruit from that series but again seeds were planted and I think a little watering went on. You never know what will happen in the future from what was done in faith.

Pastor John L. Clark


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