Momentum: Outreach in Post Falls

Last Summer when I arrived at my new church district I was asked if I would be willing to do an evangelistic series in the fall, though I didn’t feel prepared because of the shortness of notice, I agreed. I knew it was the right thing to do. With an active Bible worker in our church, there were quite a few possible interests for the meetings.

The elders and the outreach leadership team immediately began planning. We developed a mail-out and made arrangements to have them delivered to 15,000 homes in the area. I began putting together my fifteen night series wanting to present everything in the context of the war between Christ and Satan. We called it War Talk.

On opening night we were happy to find about fifteen people or more attending, who were not members of our church. Most of them were from the Bible Worker contacts just a few were from the mail out. This just affirmed what has always been my experience and that is that soul winning takes personal contact of church members with non members. In this case it was our Bible Worker and the members that had been helping him with Bible studies.

As the meetings continued people continued to come and even the attendance of our members was impressive. I was very pleased to see church members talking to people and showing a genuine interest in them, drawing them into the fellowship.

As with any series there were people who started and dropped out. Some came in the middle for a few meetings then disappeared. Some attended right on through. At the end of the meetings we planned to turn our weekly prayer meeting into a continuation of our series and just moved right ahead sharing our distinctive beliefs as they are in Jesus. We are sure that there will be some who take their stand for present truth as it is in Jesus for this time.

Owen J. Bandy, Pastor – Post Falls SDA Church

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