Momentum: Jesus Christ is Bible Prophecy

It was the highlight of the year 2011 – when we started preparing and advertising the coming evangelistic series “Jesus Christ in Bible Prophecy”. Our mission field is Russian-speaking people in Spokane area. We have 20+ Russian protestant churches in the area and most of the Russian speaking people in the area are faithful church members.

In order to target our audience we developed a new series of Evangelistic presentations that would draw the attention to Jesus Christ in contrast to popular evangelical teachings of the day. The whole series was built on that contrast. The Three Angel’s Message of Revelation is our special message for this time and it was the main theme of the meetings.

Using the method of Christ, we build friendships with non-SDAs by providing social events in the area. Then we invite them to our evangelistic series. We pretty much know all the people that come to our meetings. They are already friends. We had 8-12 non-SDAs attending every meeting. We had 16 PowerPoint presentations at Linwood SDA Church.

The church members were very excited about the meetings and most of them attended faithfully – so we had a good group every night. We had one baptism and we have 5 people that we keep meeting and studying the Bible with. We are planning to have weekly follow-up meetings at Russian Community Center on Cook Street every Thursday.

Thank you for supporting the preaching of the gospel in Russian Language in Spokane!

Pastor Volody Nesteruk

Spokane Slavic SDA Company

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