Why Not Try This?…Is Anyone Answering Your Church Telephone?

It is essential to have someone answer your telephones especially on Sabbath. When people have found your website or telephone number, this is the time when people may inquire for spiritual direction, desire driving directions to your church, or inquire about community resources. The Barna Group, in their article “Most Churches Did Not Answer The Phone,” researched a random sample of 3400 Protestant churches, and found 55% of these churches did not answer the phones, or even had a answering service. As a result, Barna noted, “instant communication has become second-nature in our world, with cell phones, instant messaging, and other high tech means of facilitating immediate contact with others, organizations that seemingly defy people to penetrate their fortress quickly become an after-thought in people’s lives. Busy schedules, competitiveness and questions about the user-friendly quotient of churches make it increasingly unlikely that consumers – especially those who are not connected or only marginally associated with a church – will endure the frustration of difficult communication to pursue a church. If ministry is based on relationships and interaction, then many churches might find it easier to penetrate the community if they were more accessible to the people who are showing an interest in the church.” The Barna Group of Ventura, California www.barna.org

  1. Does anyone answer your church telephone?
  2. Do you have an answering service for your church telephone?
  3. Is your church in the phone book? (Yellow pages, White pages)
  4. Does your church have a website, blog, or facebook address?
 Message from Ivan L. Williams Sr.,
Ministerial Director
Telephone: (301) 680-6419
Fax: (301) 680-6464
Email: Ivan.Williams@nad.adventist.org

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