Momentum – Creation/Evolution Continues to Attract Scores

Pullman, Washington is home to Washington State University with its thousands of students and faculty. With a heavy concentration of science programs and majors, when Dr. Stan Hudson, the local Adventist pastor, presented seven lectures in April on the highly controversial subject of origins, there was high interest and excellent attendance. Over one hundred twenty people came, mostly guests, to hear “In the Beginning…God or Hydrogen?” The series was held at the Gladish Community Center.

Pastor Hudson has the unique background of having been a geology major at the University of California at Riverside before Christ entered his life. He then switched to theology, but never lost his interest in the earth sciences.

His passion is to speak publicly about origins with solid science to show that evolution continues as a faith-based philosophy, less than an empirical science. But he tries to show this in ways that are disarming, using light humor throughout his presentations. Plus, and he feels strongly about this, he points out the scientific challenges to belief in creationism. Should he not do so, he would lose credibility with knowledgeable audiences.

The seven presentations were similar to those given in November, 2008 in Moscow, Idaho (home of the University of Idaho). That series saw over 200 people come, and the series was filmed for television. A website ( assists continued contact with the many friends and enquiring minds that were engaged during both series.

It’s Dr. Hudson’s belief that the Three Angels Messages are strongly aimed at Darwinian evolution, proclaiming a last-day message of hope in calling the world back to its Creator and to its Judge. Creationism/evolutionism issues are highly interesting to people today and represent a unique opportunity to present the gospel to both secular and religious audiences.

Two favorable articles appeared in the WSU Daily Evergreen newspaper. A junior neuroscience major stated about Pastor Hudson, “He had a pretty balanced interpretation.” Letters to the editor continued a debate afterward that should hopefully shed light on this issue for many university students.


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