Momentum – Gifts from God

It is not a secret that in Oregon is always raining, however during last two weeks we had an incredible time with and a wonderful sun shine. But the good weather was not the only reason. Evangelism has the potential to turn any kind of environment into an excellent and special occasion. In Canby Spanish Co. during the last two weeks we had an evangelistic series under the title: “Gifts from God”.

The speaker Ivan Cruz presented the basic points and fundamental teachings of the Bible as different gifts like the creation, life, forgiveness, faith, prayer, the Bible, salvation, promises, love, the Son, the cross, grace, The Law, the Sabbath, and new life. In each meeting the church offered praise service, and gifts like Bibles, books, magazines, audio books, CDs etc. In addition, we had an excellent program for children, the sermons, and pot luck at the end to finish.

During the series the enthusiasm was increasing and “members in ministries” experienced the happiness to work for Jesus. Many people were able to hear the called to accept Jesus as their Lord and savior, and six precious souls were baptized at the end of the campaign. Furthermore, there are several contacts of people interested in the message to prepare for next evangelism.

Moreover, as result of this evangelistic series, some members that were distant and discouraged were recuperated and revived.

Today this campaign is finished and it’s raining again in Oregon; but evangelism will continue to have the power of changing things and people’s hearts until the second coming of Jesus.

We glorify and give thanks to God for his gifts, and this wonderful opportunity to preach the gospel and bring people to the feet of Jesus.

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