Changed Lives – His Will

Janine had gone to Adventist schools, heard about God since she was little, but was never baptized because it just didn’t “feel” right. She didn’t feel the need for God. She didn’t feel what she thought the other kids felt when they decided to get baptized. She pursued her own interests & shut God out of her life. She thought if she could get a job, take care of herself, & do as she pleased that she would be fulfilled.

However, life was not working out for her the way she had planned. Though she loved her job & had all the things she wanted, she was still empty. At the age of 19, Janine already realized she needed more in life than what this world had to offer. That’s when she came to the series at the church. There she heard about God’s love & how much He cared for her. She learned about His future plans for this world & for her! And she began to understand that He has a better way to live.

Finally, all of the things she had been taught since she could remember began making sense. Janine gave her life to Jesus as she asked Him to be the Lord of her life. Janine was baptized on March 24, 2012 & continues to study His Word. Her life now has meaning as she is filled with God’s love. She is seeking His will rather than her own & has discovered the fullness of life in Jesus. Janine describes herself as a new person!

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