Why Not Try This? – 3 Ways Your Church Should Never Use Technology

The church has rarely been seen as an early adopter of technology. In past decades we tended to stand on the sidelines when something new entered the marketplace and waited to see the implications of the technologies use in the world at large. Of course, there have always been the forward-thinking early adopters looking for ways to use new technology to spread the gospel. But the vast majority of churches seem to wait until technology is forced on them.

Today, I see a lot of progress in the realm of technology and the church, especially with the Internet. I have also seen us start to explore a few ideas without fully understanding where we, as a church, fit in. We can hurt our effectiveness if we don’t understand why people are using these technologies and what they expect when you use them as well.

Specifically, here are three online technologies that are getting misused by many churches. Let’s look at the infraction and see if we can’t figure out a way to use them correctly.

1. QR codes. These square, barcode-looking tags can be found everywhere around you look these days—direct mail, realtor signs, magazine ads, even milk cartons. So why would these handy little marketing tools make it on a list of should nots? In fact, you may point out that our team at SermonView offers these little codes free on our printed materials. And you would be right.

The issue is not with the code itself, but with how it gets used. Proper QR code usage has become synonymous with the idea of “bonus.” The goal for the intended user is to get something that they could not get without the code. This drive to receive, or see, something special impels people to download a QR code reader, and to view your content. If your content does not deliver the goods, people’s expectations are not met—and you’ve lost both their interest and their trust.

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