Changed Lives – My Secret

Karly Joseph came to Walla Walla University as a basketball player, but she was searching for much more. She developed a curiosity, which fostered a hunger for God, which grew to move her to commit her life to Christ.  With virtually no background in the Bible or with Christianity she studied with Troy Fitzgerald and Paddy McCoy and attended the various meetings and events that drew her into faith with Christ and a community of believers that support her as she grows. Currently, she is serving in the community with Campfire and Young Life and has recently started a ministry called “My Secret,” which provides students an opportunity to share with others in a safe, anonymous format. Karly continues to look for God’s leading and listen to his voice.

Here is part of her testimony:

“The God that I have met has forever changed my life.  I now have a heavenly father that will never leave me or hurt me like so many of the people in my life.  He loves me more than any human could.  Before I knew God, I felt so unclean, unloved, and unsalvageable.  Because of God’s grace I know that He sees me as perfect, blameless, and pure.  For the first time in my life, I feel loved.  Having God in my life has given me hope, it has given me a future.  Now I have a reason to live.  Now I have a story that needs to be told-not for recognition or for sympathy-but to tell the world of the God that has saved my life and set me free.”

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