Alaska Revive! Series Culminates Year-long Project

Revive! Impacts Alaska and Beyond

The final meetings of the 2012 Revive! series are now not only in the history books, but also online for everyone to see. This major evangelistic revival was held June 9–16 at the Egan Convention Center in downtown Anchorage, Alaska. It was the culminating week in a year-long campaign coordinated by the Voice of Prophecy and the Alaska Conference to reach the entire state’s population with Bible-study invitations. As a result, the 2,000 active members of the conference helped generate more than 2,300 Discover Bible School students. More than 120 of these students received “graduation” certificates at the Revive! meetings, some were baptized, and hundreds more are still studying. Read more about the series in the August GLEANER. Go online to see the archived presentations by well-known speakers such as Dwight Nelson, Ron Halvorsen, Karl Haffner and José Rojas HERE. See a gallery of photos from the event HERE.

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