Homeless, Jobless, and Slightly Unstable

Our church is located on a very busy road and our reader board allows us to promote our events. Last year during our REACH WA meetings, the message on the Spirit of Prophecy was displayed as “A Prophet for the Last Days”.

This drew in Mike, a neighbor to the church, and even though it was near the end of the seminar, Mike remained with us each Sabbath. To offset some of the complications with his diabetes, Mike began volunteering on the grounds of the church campus to clean up and maintain the place. His love for golf drew him to make several friends within our church on various outings. He came with a lot of questions about Revelation; homeless, jobless, and slightly unstable. Since then, God has worked in Mike’s life to provide him with steady work, a re-connection with his family & church and a firm relationship with God.

Recently, Mike was struck by a car while riding his bicycle in the community and was able to witness to the driver by forgiving her and showing compassion. Mike has become a trusted friend and volunteer in our church and will soon take his stand through a profession of faith.

Vincent Saunders
Pastor – Bonney Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church

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