Changed Lives – Stories that Engage

Todd Gessele, Director of New Outreach Mission for the North Pacific Union Conference, has captured many changed life stories on film through NW Spotlight on Missions among others. Read his interview with inSpire below:

inSpire – Todd, I have known for sometime of your interests in art and photography, and particularly in using it to covey God’s message of hope to our hurting world. Tell us a little about your background. Where did you grow up and how did you arrive at an interest in visual arts?

Gessele – I grew up sketching during my father’s sermons and became interested in video production while at Milo Adventist Academy. I wanted to make a promotional video to use as a student recruiter, so I asked the principal for $2000 to make a 10 minute video. That was 1987 and I thought $2000 was plenty of money to get the job done, only to discover the going rate was $1000 per minute. I contacted the North Pacific Union Communication department and asked for help and they sent a communication intern down to assist me, and I directed my first production, which helped bring 36 new kids to Milo!

I had my heart set on being a mechanical engineer, but when I arrived at Walla Walla College and saw all the math classes that were required, I reconsidered. Being a pastor and taking theology would be too easy, and I really felt like I needed some time to explore world religions. So I signed up as a Mass Communication major, figuring Christianity was simple, and if it still made sense after I checked out Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Atheism, I would be prepared to Continue Reading…

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