Health & Temperance – Staying Healthy and Fit over the Holidays

Many people have good intentions of eating healthy and staying in shape over the holiday season, but end up overindulging in once-a-year delicacies and skipping regular workout sessions. Staying healthy during this time of year doesn’t have to mean giving up your favorite holiday treats, but instead learning how to control yourself around them.

April Kneifel, a registered dietitian at Curves International, Inc., says it isn’t always what you eat, but how much of it that can keep you from staying healthy over the holidays.

“It really just comes down to being sensible about your portions,” says Kneifel. “An easy way to reduce your portion sizes is to use a smaller plate. If there is less room on the plate, you’ll be eating less food overall.”

Kneifel says to eat slowly and enjoy the company of others while dining, which will give you something else to focus on besides food.

“Avoid going back for seconds,” Kneifel says. “Chances are you’ll feel like a stuffed turkey if you do!”

Kneifel also suggests eating healthy snacks such as granola bars, almonds, and fruit while traveling or doing holiday shopping.

“Packing snacks is a great way to Continue Reading…

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