Changed Lives – Excitement in Jesus

by Byron Corbett, Pastor of the Spokane Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church

HeaderI met Dena Stewart (pronounced DEE-na) and her daughter Deanna a little over two years ago.  They came a few times to our reaping series in the fall of 2010.  As we visited with them, we discovered they had become Seventh-day Adventists about 15 years.  Unfortunately, after a couple of years in the church, they got discouraged by things happening both in their family and in the church, and with no one responding to their cries for help, they left the faith.  But the Holy Spirit kept working on them, and they finally began searching for God again.  After our series, Carol Bryan, our Bible Worker Coordinator at the time, began studies with them, and they attended our church sporadically.  However, the pressures of life got in the way, the studies were discontinued, and eventually their attendance at church stopped as well.

stewartsThen they got the brochure advertising the new series we did this fall called, “Destroy Debt and Find Freedom.”  That brochure aroused Deanna’s interest, and this time they attended almost every one of the meetings.  Not only did the Christian financial principles open their eyes, but this time the Adventist message captured their hearts as well.  Jesus became real to them once again and faith began to revive.  They have not missed a Sabbath attending church since, and both Dena and Deanna are preparing to be rebaptized in the new year.  Anyone who talks to them can sense a new faith and excitement in Jesus, and a new determination to walk with Him until He comes to take them to the New Earth.

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