Soul Winning – My Alaska with Ken Crawford, Program 2

Watch “My Alaska with Ken Crawford”. Program 2 has just been released:Capture

“My Alaska with Ken Crawford” TV Series Pilot (28:30) Story Sampler Program 1 (Produced by Todd Gessele for the North Pacific Union) Please consider sharing this link with your constituents.

The Last Fisherman’s Church in Bristol Bay 2012. Program 2 (Released Nov. 20, 2012!)

It is Friday afternoon on Ekuk Beach, and long time Alaskan, Albert Ball, 97, is pulling six generations of his family’s set nets out of the ocean with his pickup truck, in preparation for the Sabbath. In this installment of “My Alaska with Ken Crawford”—The Last Fisherman’s Church 2012 in Dillingham, Alaska, you’ll meet Lauri and Erika Rootvik, Joe Chythlook, who is turning back to harbor after an unsuccessful 2 days at sea, and watch Randy Sandvik as he and his son Matthew are towed out of Dillingham harbor and their boat is parked for the season. You’ll hear highlights from Brian Denese’s sermon “Fishing & Trusting Our Creator.” And you won’t want to miss Kerry Straub’s “Big Fish Story” of how God provided for his needs after a disastrous fishing season in Bristol Bay. 28:30

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Ministers with Boots On”: Features stories of five Seventh-day Adventist Chaplains from Washington State. 

Produced by Todd Gessele in May 2012 for the North Pacific Union GLEANER’s “Salt in the Community” series of feature articles. This one accompanies the June 2012 issue. Footage from DVIDS “In the Fight” Episode 61 was used by permission. Music and sound tracks were also used by license and originate from Gene Michael Productions, LLC. This is the final edit. Special Thanks to Carrie Bernard, CIV US USA MEDCOM MAMC.

Straight? Gay? or Just Simply ‘Redeemed? 28:30 July 23, 2012.

Wayne Blakely’s Personal Journey Back to Christ. Produced by Todd Gessele and Steve Vistaunet for the North Pacific Union. All rights reserved July 2012.

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