Changed Lives – Through His Daughter

by Pedro Careaga, Pastor of the Independence Spanish SDA Company

20121027_121905Lionel settled in our community about two years ago with his wife and two children looking to live in a quiet area, yet close to the amenities of a city with strong Hispanic representation.

Lionel is a man with religious orientation and his inquiring mind had sought answers to personal concerns from various sources. His teenage daughter befriended some young people attending the Adventist Church in Monitor and started visiting for social reasons. Lionel wanted to know who his dauther was hanging out with so he paid them a visit to observe.

The church was organizing an evangelistic series about Revelation during the second half of last October. Lionel was invited and began studying the Bible with another family. He attended all of the meetings with joy and without even asking, he was receiving answers to some of the questions he had. At the first altar call, he publicly accepted Jesus as his personal Savior and together with others, he agreed to be baptized on Saturday October 27, 2012. Since then he regularly attends church.

Lionel’s daughter postponed her baptism, but continued to attend regularly until she decided to take the plunge. I wanted to start the new year with a new vision for her young life, and Wednesday, January 2, in the presence of her mother who is still undecided, took the step of baptism.

Lionel is now a deacon in the church and is excited to learn of his new responsibilities.

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