Why Not Try This – Sequence Preaching

Written by Derek Morrislogo2012

Have you ever found yourself staring at a blank sheet of paper or at a blank computer screen wondering what you’ll preach next week? If so, then consider sequence preaching. Preaching a series of sermons has advantages for everyone. The preacher isn’t starting from ground zero every week, and the listeners have a sense of direction and purpose.

It is not difficult to convince most preachers and listeners that sequence preaching consists of a good idea. What may be more challenging is to know where to begin.

A simple five-step process follows, field tested in a local church, that will help you craft an effective sermon series.

Step 1: Select a sermon series theme

Sequence preaching can be expository or topical. One option includes picking a book from the Bible and preaching either the whole thing or a portion. A second option would be to Continue Reading…

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