Changed Lives – Amazing Church

By Robert Amaya, Pastor of Pendleton Spanish Adventist Companytrial bay gaol

Besides is a ministry that I love, I was scared walking through the metal doors and between guards.  I was impressed when I saw a large room extremely clean and appropriate.  A pulpit, better than many pulpits in our churches, was right in the center of the room in front of 50 chairs full of man with smiles and ready to start.  That was my first day and my first impression at the Prison of Pendleton, Oregon.

That day God gave me another reason for bringing us to this part of the world, the prison ministry was an unexpected gift.  It is a church with some of the characteristics that I as a pastor would love to see in my regular churches.  Only four SDA members and 46 visitors, all of them full of joy and hunger of the Word of God… what amazing church!

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God was preached there during the following five months. In the middle of the series I made a call to accept Jesus Christ through baptism. 11 people said yes to the Lord and accepted to live under the Kingdom of God and his reign.  Praise the Lord for that miracle. 

One of the 11 to be baptized was Angel, who came to me to tell me his joy in the Lord.  He said, pastor, “I will have to spend the rest of my life here but now I felt that I made the right decision in my life, I am alone but now I know that God is sovereign in my life.”

The day of the big party, in a beautiful church and baptistery in the prison and in the middle of the amazing celebration, Angel was baptized.  He told me:  “I’m free living the Kingdom of God, I’m happy and now my life has sense.”

Praise the Lord for Angel and for our amazing church at the Pendleton prison.

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