Momentum – Planting the Seed

by Danny Kim, Pastor of the Hockinson Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church

“Those were great presentations pastor, I wish more people could have untitledbeen here” – Church member

Evangelism is hard work for our church people. All the time given, all the money spent, and at times there seems to be no increase in membership.

We did not get any baptisms from our series, there are things we could have done better in advertising and preparing people for these meetings. Those things didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have a successful meeting. We had about 15 guests come from our neighbors, family, and friends. Our church regained our focus on why we exist today.

We as a church have dedicated ourselves to the growth of our church. I encouraged our members that these meetings could be a launching point to become teachers, and practice giving lessons to others. We can’t do this work waiting for pastors to do all the preaching. This message must be taken out by the whole body.

Seeds were planted, new people came to church, some for only one day, and some for the whole series. I believe one day when the time comes, the things they have heard will ring true in their minds. If we look to the future, it is bright, people know that the Adventist message is a timely message for the last day people.

I am not sure what it will take to wake up our city, but I know there will be a time as Amos said, “there will be a famine in the land,” the hunger for truth. When people start searching for truth, I believe we will be there to share the gospel in force.

Whatever the outcome of our series, I am happy that we got to share the truth with new people. To see a church motivated for growth is something that is always positive.

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