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larson 1by Pastor Mike Larson

This fall, the Coeur d’Alene Seventh-day Adventist Church decided to delve into Revelation with the sole intent of seeing how Jesus is revealed within the pages of this often intimidating book. They organized their Sabbath morning church services as an evangelistic platform for all who were interested in learning more about the book of Revelation from the vantage point of seeing Jesus.

Pastor Mike Larson shared ten messages in a series entitled, ‘Jesus Revealed’, which covered the entire book. In preparation for the series, changes were made church-wide. The Coeur d’Alene church worked to intentionally create an atmosphere of anticipation. As a part of their evangelistic effort, a team was formed that addressed stage design, church decor, web site enhancements, worship planning, member involvement, and advertisement.

Although, the sermon teaching was in some respects the central part of the series, the church also wanted to bring out the ‘revelation’ theme in other parts of the service. They accomplished this by using drama, music, and various creative expressions to provide an atmosphere where people could experience Christ throughout the service.

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Pictured left to right: Michaela Peterson, Kaitlin Seeley, Camryn Clark, and Daniela Larson

One of the highlights of the series was when many in the congregation responded to the call to accept or recommit to Christ as their personal Savior during the message on the three angels of Revelation 14. The response was followed by a season of prayer. Many were brought to tears as they felt the reality of God’s presence in their lives and in the church body.

Over the course of the ten-week series, the Coeur d’Alene church was blessed in a variety of ways. The response to the messages was overwhelmingly positive. Estranged church members began returning to the church fascinated by the different perspective being presented. Current church members stated that in all of their years in the church, they had never seen how beautifully Christ was revealed in the book of Revelation.

Ron and Cindi Stout described their experience this way: In our 29 years as members of this church we have never been more excited about going to church and listening to and absorbing the messages that are presented each week. As we travel we listen to the sermons online as soon as they are available. The scholarly study of Revelation has truly been inspiring.”larson 3

In addition to the Stouts, many other individuals benefited from listening, watching, and even reading the sermons on the church’s website. The church received emails from various people from all over the country who were impacted by the ‘Jesus Revealed’ messages. Many who attended the services felt the series was a blessing to the church. It allowed them to experience Christ through the lens of Revelation. A book that was once intimidating to some became a beautiful testament of a Savior who loves deeply and who is coming soon!

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