Changed Lives – Convinced

by Pastor Steve Shipowicksabbath-med

The Holy Spirit is at work in the Lacey Seventh-day Adventist Church! A couple of weeks before I began our evangelistic meetings in October, a man we had never met walked into our church on Sabbath morning. He said his name was Dick and he lived just a couple of miles from our church. He had been studying his Bible and was convinced that the Sabbath was on the seventh day of the week. The greeter brought him to my pastor’s class and he was sitting there when I arrived. He has not missed a Sabbath since! He attended all of the evangelistic meetings and when they were over, I had the joy of baptizing him and his daughter, who has cerebral palsy. Dick was a member of a large Sunday-keeping church in town and so he went to his church leaders and explained what he was doing and why before resigning his positions in that church. Not only has Dick been faithful in coming to the church every time the doors are open, but he has already begun sharing his faith with those he knows by giving them literature about the Sabbath!

We praise God for the way He is working in the hearts and lives of so many who He is preparing for the “harvest”. We also praise Him for the joy we have in being co-workers with Him in the saving of souls! Not only has it been exciting to see the changes in the lives of so many who have taken their stand for Bible truth, but our church has been blessed as we have worked together in reaching out to our community with the Good News.

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