Media & Adventist Benefits – The Record Keeper in Production

the record keeperThe Record Keeper, an 11-part web-series just finished filming in Portland, OR. Walla Walla University alumnus Jason Satterlund was hired by the General Conference to product a web-series to be released in conjunction with The Great Hope project. This 11-episode production follows the story of two angels asked to give an account of what is happening on Earth to the Record Keeper, an angel tasked with recording Earth’s history. A cast and crew of more than 60 people had been filming for five weeks in the Portland area. The GLEANER has been on set to prepare for an upcoming feature and NewsPoints, from the North American Division, recently filmed a report. The church will be producing small group discussion guides and other study materials to support the series. Follow the production process on Facebook and watch the pilot episode shot last summer.

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