Why Not Try This – Using Your iPad for Visual Preaching

iPad-Congregation_200x141A few months back, I decided to try using my iPad for preaching. When I speak, I don’t use a manuscript, instead relying on the sermon graphics as visual cues. My problem was that when we moved into a new facility earlier this year, the screen on the back wall was too small for me to read from the stage, and the congregation’s screen is almost directly overhead. So I had to print out my slides with a color printer, which added a significant extra step to my preparation and limited last-minute changes.

The iPad offered a promising solution to the problem, while adding some nice features. First, the large, bright screen made it easy to read the slides. Furthermore, when presenting with the iPad you have 4 different possible views, which you can change on the fly: current slide, next slide, current and next slide side-by-side, and current slide with speaker notes.

Second, you actually control the Continue Reading…

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