Changed Lives – Give me a Sign

by Pastor Enoc Márquez and Elders 112835305_640

Sister Olivia and her husband Adelfo were baptized in Madras in the campaign that Pastor Canals gave.  Since then, both of them have been working giving Bible studies, without stopping, achieving a big number of interests in the Madras region.

A year ago, lay men from the Gresham church, together with the Madras group decided to re-start the work with Hispanics.  Brother Sebastian Jimenez worked as a Bible worker for a while and on March, 17 – 31, there was an evangelistic campaign performed by the Pastor and layman.  The results of that campaign were 8 baptisms and profession of faith.   The story that we believe is a highlight is the baptism of Esmeralda and her kids.

Sister Esmeralda had received studies by sister Olivia, but she had never agreed to be baptized.  On this campaign, visiting the interests, sister Olivia said, “There is one more person we could go visit, but I don’t think she will welcome us, because she has been a bit rebellous.”  We decided to visit her anyway. When we arrived, we sat down to talk with her, but her kids were making some noise so sister Olivia went to take care of them.  When we started talking, I asked her if she wanted to be baptized and she immediately said yes, without any objection.

She said, “I had been waiting for this moment, because last night I asked God to give me a sign of what I should do, that I wanted to give my life to Him.  Now you are here asking me to be baptized, and you don’t even know me.  God sent you.  From now on I want my life to change and I want to be baptized with my children.”

When I called sister Olivia to give her the news, she started crying and they both hugged and thanked the Lord.  Esmeralda was baptized and she is still growing strong in the church.

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