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IMG_7885 (2) (2)Starting on February 15th the Gold Beach SDA Church held a Revelation of Hope seminar.  Accompanied by much prayer and personal Bible studies the church decided to move ahead with the public evangelistic seminar held by the local pastor, Jose G. Galvez.  After two full page and full color newspaper ads and direct mail handbills were sent to every residence, the meeting started off with a good number of community guest and local members supporting the meetings.  Pastor Galvez’s presentations were simple yet deep in Biblical content and perhaps the most important aspect of it all is that they were very Christ centered.  Another thing that made the meetings special was the openness of personal stories told by the Pastor Galvez. 

“I have not only learned more about Jesus, but I have gotten to know my pastor much better” one member commented. 

“I really enjoy the passion with which the pastor preaches and I can definitely see a complete picture of Jesus now” a visitor commented.

Our church was truly blessed to have the meetings; it not only connected us with friends that we already knew through some of our ministries like the soup kitchen and food bank.  It also gave us opportunity to make new friends, there will be two new members added by baptism.  As members too it is always a blessing to be reminded of the special message that the Seventh-day Adventist Church has been given and the responsibility to preach the message to the entire world.  Gold Beach Church is trying to do that in our corner of the world. 

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