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issue_header_2012-1534-27by Andy Nash
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In September I wrote about a fun little product called The Book of Awesome, which celebrates “snow days, bakery air, finding money in your pocket, and other simple, brilliant things.”

Putting our own spin on it, my family and I created a list called “The Church of Awesome,” which included: Aunt Sue and Uncle Dan, church roller-skating night, handing out flowers for Mother’s Day Sabbath, and the congregation’s second response to the double “Good morning!”

I invited you to share your own ideas of what makes your church awesome. Here’s what you said:

Meeting someone on the other side of the world and feeling as if you’ve known them your whole life because of the beliefs we share.—Janalee Shaw, Silver Spring, Maryland.

When I’m not familiar with the lyrics or tune of the opening song, but the person behind me with the beautiful voice knows them both.—Linda Whicker, Denver, North Carolina.

Not getting one single handshake—all hugs! And church board meetings that last less than two hours!—Joni Arthurs, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

When you’re greeting and the name of a member comes to mind just as they get to the door.—Byron Burke, Shawnee, Kansas.

When the Sabbath school teacher is a discussion leader, not a lecturer or, worse, a preacher.—Sterling Cox, New York, New York.

Waking on Sabbath morning to find out that my husband has prepared breakfast.—Alice Gray, Washougal, Washington.

A Pathfinder camp-in marshmallow snowball fight. And sledding down the big hill behind the church at the winter party.—LeAnn Austin and boys, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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