Soul Winning – SOULS Northwest Selects New Campus

sunsetlakelogoRecently the administration of the North Pacific Union voted to expand the training offered by SOULS Northwest to a two year program. SOULS Northwest has been searching for a new facility to accommodate this expansion and recently our board voted to accept a proposal from the Washington conference to share the Sunset Lake Camp. SOULS staff are excited about this opportunity for synergy and believe that it will be an ideal location for this important training program. SOULS is anticipating a full class for the session starting September 8th, 2013. As the school begins its first year of the new two-year program that models SOULS West of the Pacific Union, SOULS Northwest will be experiencing sunset-lake-e1376663413353-620x300a lot of growing and changing. While the methods of training, the curriculum and the schedule have all been tested and proven in the Pacific Union SOULS program, there are always new and exciting challenges to face when you’re starting something new. Please pray for this new venture of the North Pacific Union, and pray for the 15 or so students that are joining us this fall.

If you are part of a church in the Northwest and would like to find out how SOULS students can impact your community, call our staff at (360) 857-7062, or email us at

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