Changed Lives – The Skeptic

by Prastor Vince Saunders, Bonney Lake and Voice of Hope SDA Churches

skepticTim had been a skeptic during his first evangelistic meeting. His job as a Narcotics Enforcement Officer counted on suspicion as an ally. His wife urged him to attend the seminar and he went with a huge chip on his shoulder. When Jac Colon came to visit, Tim riddled him with questions about the origin of man and the problem of pain. But as the Spirit of God moved on Tim’s heart, he began to study these things for himself, from scripture, scientific magazines and after two years of deep study, he began to see the Bible as the inspired word of God.

“There is no other way that leads to heaven”, said Tim at his baptism. “Buddha, Confuscious, Mohammed, all of those are false deceptions that lead away from the truth about the One Creator God.”

When Tim found out that Jac Colon was coming to do a Revival at the Bonney Lake SDA Church, he approached the pastor with his request to be baptized, “but I want it to be a surprise to my wife”. So discreetly, the pastor arranged with Jac to welcome in Tim to the church through baptism.

“The look on his wife’s face was priceless as the candidate was announced and Tim walked up to the stage”, said pastor Vince Saunders, “her jaw dropped open in disbelief and joy.”

Tim plans to use his years of study to present the Word of God in an apologetic way in churches in the area and he has been a blessing to many already through his testimony.

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