Changed Lives – Growing in Christ

by Robert Amaya, Pastor of the Hermiston Spanish Adventist Church

480566313Fernando and Maria were attending an evangelistic series for the first time. Every day they were growing in desire of God’s presence in their lives. At the end of the campaign they made the decision to be baptized. Most of the members celebrated that decision but others were concerned because they were too “new” to be baptized. I decided to visit them to talk about their present and future spiritual plans. During that visit I noticed their commitment to God and their desire to give their lives to Him. After that visit I decided to move forward because their love and fire for God was enough for a new beginning in their lives.

Today, more than six months later, Fernando and Maria are not only members of the church, they are strong leaders. All the members are happy with them and all of us learned a great deal.

The Holy Spirit is willing to do his part when we do our part. A couple of great leaders accepted the invitation to start a “coaching strategy” with Fernando and Maria. They taught them our believes and adopted them as part of their family, sharing with them different activities during the week and at church as well. This strategy allowed the two couples to grow as friends and family in Christ.

Jesus said: “When He comes, will convict the world of sin…” John 16:8.

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