Changed Lives – Impressed Invitation

577544_10152119050549892_476437949_nby Roger Walter, Senoir Pastor

Daniel and Jennifer, a young couple who attended our “Apocalypse of Hope” seminar live on a boat in the Columbia River. They were homeless until someone gave them this sailboat to live on about three months ago. They simply park it at a dock until a policeman tells them to move along after a few weeks. Their living space is a 4’x8′ section on the boat.

One day, they were walking downtown and passed Todd Pascoe, a member of the Adventist Community Church of Vancouver, as he talked on his mobile phone. Yet as he passed, Todd felt impressed to hand them a brochure. He didn’t say anything, barely looked at them, but handed them a brochure. They came opening night and never missed a night. On the night of their baptism, I saw Todd and Daniel giving each other a hug and Daniel said, “This is all because of you man!”

The church has readily reached out to them by giving them food, heating supplies, bedding, and cooking utensils. Daniel told our pastor, “I’ve been looking for a church like this one for 20 years now. I finally found it. Thank you.”

Watch next month’s newsletter for another changed life story from the Apocolypse of Hope series.


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