Momentum – Revealing Jesus

in prophecy in life in youThis was a concept that the Spokane South Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church came up with to try something different. I preached the prophetic messages and also had another Pastor come in for relationship with Jesus messages and family seminar.

The seminar went very well without a hitch we switched between the regular meeting style with a preacher up front to begin the evangelistic meetings. Then after the first week we went to a round table seminar style where people could be more interactive with the speaker who was still up front, but we had people look things up and interact as the presentation was given.

I divided the presentations into 3 different sections:

Prophecy – Where we are in the timeline of this world.

Relationship with Jesus – How to prepare for the end by having Jesus in your heart as your savior

Christian living – What the Christian lifestyle is like here on earth.

These three sections were given with the help of others to come in and add their expertise as the subject changed. The idea was to keep the meetings fresh and allow people to look forward to not only my messages but the information that the other people had to present.

The participants really enjoyed this new type of style because it broke up the subject matter and changed the format a bit so that it was not just the same type of meeting each night with a different topic. The format changed and we brought in the additional speakers and material to supplement the prophetic message of where we are in this word to emphasize how we get ready for Jesus to come.

The only thing that I wish we had done differently was the brochure was not great. We loved it but it did not attract a large crowd. We had 12 visitors and 2 souls were baptized as a result.

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