What Works For Me In – Paperless Preaching

by Dan MartellaDanMartella
Source: NAD Ministerial

Through the years I have admired pastors who can preach without notes. I have marveled at their ability to deliver powerful, heartfelt, life-changing messages without having to be propped up by a stack of papers. Given my personal wiring, I sadly concluded that paperless preaching was forever beyond my reach.

Then one Friday afternoon as I reviewed my sermon notes, I suddenly realized that the message was so well written that I could remember it all – the sequence of introduction, points, stories, and applications. The next day when I stepped out of my pulpit and simply shared the message from my heart, something powerful happened – The freedom, the connection with my congregation, the interactivity, and the authenticity of the witness shared absolutely hooked me.

Let me share with you 10 points for paperless preaching that have worked well for me since that memorable Sabbath four years ago: Continure Reading

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