Why Not Try This? – Funeral Evangelism

danby Dan Serns
Source: Best Practices for Adventist Ministry

Her husband was an alcoholic. Her seven children were in and out of relationships, addictions and jail. And she had done her best to live for Jesus in the midst of all the chaos.

“Preacher, we would like to have her funeral in the church since she loved it so much, and we would like you to have the service,” her husband said.

“Would that be okay?”

“Of course we can do that, and I’m honored to have a part in it,” I replied.

I knew that this funeral, just like every other funeral that a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, chaplain or lay leader is asked to perform, is a sacred trust. It is a time to celebrate a person’s good qualities, to learn lessons for those living and an incredible opportunity to share Bible truth and the hope of a resurrection and reunion at the second coming of Jesus. Don’t waste the opportunity! Continue Reading…

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