Changed Lives – The Church of Her Dreams

Pocatello Seventh-day Adventist Churchby Dean Lifshay, Pastor of the Idaho Falls and Pocatello Seventh-day Adventist Church

We believe that God is preparing people beforehand for the harvest and is just waiting for His laborers to reach out into the harvest field. Here is the story of one such person.

Becky quit going to the LDS church years ago after becoming disillusioned. Recently she realized that she still needed God, but didn’t want to return to the LDS church. She didn’t know what to do until she had a strange dream.

She dreamed of a chapel that she didn’t recognize. It was very different in that the church looked like the inside of a ship and up front there was a circle of people praying. A few days later she received a flyer advertising “Hope Through Prophecy.” She decided to call and get more information. She told Monte Wood, the Bible Worker for the district, that the meetings interested her, but she had no transportation. Monte told her we would send someone to pick her up.

Ross and Jeanna Brower, volunteer Bible Workers for the Pocatello Seventh-day Adventist Church who picked Becky up, remember her reaction the first night. “We weren’t really sure what was going on as she just stopped and stared when she walked in the sanctuary doors.” Becky continued to be wide-eyed throughout the first several meetings.

As she learned the new Bible truths that Pastor Dean Lifshay and Monte presented each night, Becky finally explained her mysterious reaction. She was standing in the church from her dream; the dark wood open beamed highly sloped ceiling of the church looked like the inside of a ship! Becky happily decided to be baptized at the Idaho Conference Campmeeting. She continues to be faithful in attending church and an ongoing series of Bible studies geared for new believers. Three other souls were also baptized after the meetings and more continue to attend and prepare for baptism.

We believe it was no coincidence that God revealed His church to Becky, but we also believe that God chose to do so at this time because the members of the Pocatello church had been praying and preparing. God used the whole body working together to bring in the harvest.

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