Momentum – A Busy 2013 Paving the Way for 2014

482484861by Scott Tyman, Pastor of the Tacoma Central Seventh-day Adventist Church

2013 was another busy year for evangelism at Tacoma Central. We started with one meeting in January with Elder Bill McClendon and I followed up the meeting with a thirty hour Daniel study with approximately thirty to thirty in attendance. We had a very good attendance throughout the meetings. We concluded a meeting with Brian McMahon in the fall.

The challenge throughout the year as well as the meeting that I help was helping people see the importance of making decisions on what they know to be truth. Throughout the year we have had one right after another who agreed with what is being taught, but they didn’t make a concrete decision to become a part of our church family. The good thins has been we had a steady stream of interests still coming to church.

What we are finding out is that it is taking more than one meeting for our interests to make decisions. There are several of them who have attending more than one meeting. We have also discovered that we need to be very patient with them and have more activities to invite them to. By building relationships with these people, it surely has helped in winning a few souls.

So, this being said, God has been faithful in blessing us with over twenty new souls for the kingdom for 2013. We had three make decisions during my meetings.

Of course every story is special when you give your life to Christ, but there hasn’t been one story that really stood out.

We still have a very good interest list going into 2014. The church is still very committed to proclaiming the three angels message. We have six or seven meetings already scheduled for the coming year. We look forward to seeing some of the seeds that have been planted to come to fruition by God’s grace.

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