Why Not Try This? – QR Codes in the Bulletin

qrby Seth Pierce,  Senior Pastor for the Puyallup Seventh-day Adventist Church
Source: NAD Ministerial

“We’d give more but we just don’t carry cash.” The words of my millennial generation parishioners struck a chord with me…mostly because I don’t carry cash either. Why should I? I know if I have cash on me I will spend it on things I don’t need—plus I have a debit card when I do need something. However the offering plate need not be affected by our society’s lack of cold hard currency.

Cue the QR code.

Not sure what they are? Go to any major store and start looking around on their windows or advertisements. Your treasure hunt should yield a black and white rectangle with squiggles in it. If you are a member of the smartphone carrying culture, download a “QR Code Scanner” (like QRReader), then use it to scan the rectangle.

Instantly you’ll be swept away onto a realm of sales and special features online. Companies use these handy codes to promote their products, clue you into special offers, and get you to participate in various ways. And you can generate these very same codes for free to slap in your bulletin every Sabbath.

Sites like www.qrstuff.com or www.goqr.me will create a code that will defy those who avoid giving for lack of green stuff. All they have to do is use their smartphone to scan the code and they will be taken to your local AdventistGiving URL. The tithes and offerings can be sent to the digital storehouse for safekeeping. They can donate any time during the service—even if they’re late—or even during the week. No deacons required.

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