Changed Lives – Heart’s Longing

460298013Elizabeth had grown up as a Seventh-day Adventist, but when she got into her late teen years she found herself separated from God and the church. As time went by she continued to remember her faith, and a longing was born in her heart to reunite with the church, but the hectic pace of life and the disinterest of her family made it difficult for her.

Finally, Elizabeth came by the Enumclaw SDA Church on a Wednesday night hoping there would be a mid-week service. There she met Pastor Kevin Wilfley and the caring members of the Enumclaw church family. When it was announced that evangelistic meetings would begin at the church, Elizabeth determined to be present for the meetings. Although she was not able to attend every meeting, Elizabeth expressed a desire to take Bible studies and be rebaptized. In addition to that, her boyfriend, seeing the changes in Elizabeth’s life has also requested Bible studies.

God has worked in very meaningful ways for Elizabeth and she is looking forward to the day of her Baptism in the next month or so!

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