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sabbath historySabbath History Seminars – LLT Productions has a six-part series of PowerPoint presentations for use by pastors, evangelists and lay people. These presentations feature plenty of pictures, sharp high-contrast text and complete speaker’s notes. Here is an overview of the series:

  • Emperors, Popes and Calendars: Julius Caesar, Pope Gregory and the story of calendars and calendar reform.
  • Sabbath Controversy: The Sabbath in Jesus’ ministry and the story behind the first Christian Sunday keepers.
  • The Sabbath through the Middle Ages: How and where the Sabbath survived during the medieval era.
  • The Sabbath in the Reformation: Surprising stories of the Sabbath in unexpected times and places.
  • Revival of the Sabbath: Rediscovery of the Sabbath truth lays the foundations of modern Sabbatarianism.
  • The Sabbath Prevails: The end-time expansion of Sabbath keeping and the prophetic call to Sabbath reform.

The Sabbath History Seminar PowerPoint presentations are packaged on a single CD for $60. Quantity discounts are available.

For more information contact:
LLT Productions, P O Box 205, Angwin, CA 94508
Phone: 707-965-2786 or 800-558-4478 (US only)

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