Changed Lives – Three Lives Changed for God!

by Scott Tyman, Pastor of the Tacoma Central Seventh-day Adventist Churchbanner

“Norma” attended an evangelistic meeting around two years ago and finally made a decision to become a part of the Tacoma Central Seventh-day Adventist Church on POF. She had been educator in the public schools for years and had been very involved in church. The church she had been attending decided to uphold same-sex marriages. This was the starting point for her to express interest in a deeper Bible study and that is when she attended an evangelistic meeting. She finally decided to join the church after attending three evangelistic series.

“Jennifer” was a complete stranger to the Adventist church. She had no prior contact. We really encourage our people to be looking for divine appointments and giving Bible studies. Jennifer had all kinds of problems when she expressed interest in Bible studies. However, after three months of studies she was baptized. I call her smiley. She is always so happy.

The third person that was baptized was “Tom.” He had no upbringing in church and knew very little about the Bible when I came in contact with him. I had met Tom through a guy that had previously attended a meeting and was baptized several years ago. After three months of studies Tom was also baptized and now he is bringing his wife and children to church.

(We sent out approximately 50,000 handbills with seventeen responding to attend meetings. To date we have had four baptism and one POF. There will be two or three more baptism this month. Most of the ones who have made decisions to this point are people who we have made prior contact with us in the past.)

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