Changed Lives – Second-Class Child

baptismby David Paczka

“When I came for the first time in this church, I was filled with hatred and distrust of everybody,” says Hector with watery eyes. He pauses for a moment and then adds, “my life was miserable in every possible way, and that’s probably the reason why I decided to visit with you guys. I had a very difficult childhood. My mom was a single mom and I grew up not knowing my father was. When my mom got married and had more children, I had to endure so much taunting from my siblings and friends. I was a second-class child because I didn’t have a father. That was my whole existence. I learned to be ashamed of myself, and became a bitter person. Until very recently my biggest obsession was to find an answer: Why didn’t I have a father like everybody else. Alcohol and drugs were my refuge for years but they didn’t give me the answer. Listening to Pastor David Paczka has touched my life profoundly and has helped me understand that my true Father is in heaven. You have no idea how much I have healed ever since I surrendered my life to Jesus. Now I can say I have a relationship with my Father.”

Hector and his family are part of the many who were blessed at the conferences presented by Pastor David Paczka at the Milwaukie Spanish SDA Church, from March 1st through 22nd of the year 2014.

Under the theme “Sin Medida”, Pastor Paczka delved into the glorious manifestation of God as our Father. An average of eighty-five people listened every night about how God’s love and grace can fill up and heal our profound longing for true paternal love. Pastor Paczka helped the listeners understand how relationships, finances, parental skills, and our spiritual and psychological being can be nurtured and healed through an authentic relationship with He who made us into His image. As a result of the series, three new persons gave their lives to Jesus through baptism. May all glory be given to Jesus our Savior.

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